Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31, 2008

I signed up for a Contest!

Sometimes a person just needs a push in the right direction. Sometimes they need a huge shove. That's what contests do for me. They shove me into the right direction. So.. for the first time in a log time, I joined a contest. The site looks awesome and fun.. and the people seem really nice. Two great ladies that I used to be on a DT with, are also there. One runs the site.. one is in the contest with me. So.. it already feels warm. I'm happy to be there. And I hope to get my rusty ole mojo moving forward. I like these type of contests, and highly recommend them, because they motivate you. They push you to get things done. And they make you think outside your comfort zone. All things that make you more creative. Some of my greatest artistic growth (can I call it that?)... has been during these contests. You had to upload a layout about yourself. I uploaded this one... It's called Still Waters Run Deep. I like it. Not a fave of mine.. but it's pretty true. I like the picture. It's one that I took of myself, while playing around with the camera. And I'm wearing my fuzzy sweater. (LOVE that sweater).

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