Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

What a day!

A day that will live in infamy, to borrow another phrase. It is a sad day. A day that changed the world. This event occured to my neighbours in the United States of America... but it occured to the world as well. When a friend's heart is broken...your heart aches; when a friend experiences loss and catastrophe, you experience the loss and pain with them; when a friend is attacked... you are attacked; when war is called on a friend, war is called on us all. Besides all of this, there was so much loss, that several countries were represented in the dead. We share in this day, a day that changed the world. A day that changed how we present ourselves, how we take care of ourselves, and how we protect ourselves. And it makes me angry that this is the world I have to pass on to my son.

On a Happier Note...

It's Friday! Which means tomorrow is the weekend. Which means I get to spend two days NOT working. sigh. Just the thought makes me happy all over. I plan on spending much of it scrapping and writing. And the weather, apparently, is going to be beautiful. yay.


I've been creating. These are a few layouts that I have been working on.

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