Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Secret Who?

Undercover Hit?  
Top Secret Who-Did-You-Say-You-Are?

So... last night, two lovely police officers were here until close to 2:00 a.m.  

Yes! I DID say 2:00 a.m.!

Why, you ask, did you have the police there until 2:00 a.m.???  

I took the family van... an innocuous dark blue van, that looks like all other family vans...
went to the grocery store at 9:30 p.m. and then to pick my son up at 10:00 p.m.
That's when it happened!

I pulled out of the back driveway of the grocery store parking lot, onto a darkened back street, that was a short cut to my son's girlfriend's house.  I had driven up about 5 houses when a large 4 door dark, inconspicuous car pulled quickly beside me in the oncoming traffic lane to my left, and just as quickly, moved in front of my van, cutting me off... and pulling off towards the side of the road, and forcing me to stop!  I stopped quickly, with my heart pounding...
As I stared forward, I looked at two men, dressed in slacks, shirts, and ties, coming at my van.
The first, approaches my door, while the taller one, puts one hand on the front engine of my car, blocking any ability to move forward... staring into my windshield.

What on earth had I done?
I live in a small university city about 45 minutes out of Toronto, Ontario. Our city police force are polite gentlemen, who are nothing like the tv cops who portray large city policing.
I do not ever break the law. I'm the daughter of a cop, with almost all men in my life growing up... 
also being cops.

So there is no intimidation factor .

As I stared into the eyes of the tall man with his hand on my car, and the other stocky man rapped his knuckles on my side window, telling me to get out of the car...I was afraid!  
Now I *think* that I saw the man to my side, flash a badge... but I couldn't swear to that!

I opened the door, and said "Is there a problem, officer?"
He just looked cooly at me and said I'm going to have you exit your vehicle please maam.
"Um.. I need to call my son. He's going to panic if I don't show up!" I responded.
"No, maam. Just get out of the vehicle for me", was his response
I then said "look.. my son is expecting me, and will cause a 911 incident, if I don't show up on time"
At that possibility, he allowed me to call my son.
But my son didn't answer! He often doesn't for one reason or another. He doesn't get the call in her basement, is the main one... so I said.. "I'll just text him that I'm delayed". 
"There's no need for that, maam. He's clearly not THAT worried", he said.. noting that my son hadn't answered.
Again.. I reiterated that my son would call 911 with no word from me, and he insisted on watching me text him.  Ugh.
After texting him, the officer again said "Please get out of the van maam."
I got out. He ordered me to leave my door open, and DO NOT remove that phone. Leave it on your dash!  And then he went on to say "I'm going to have you open this door for me maam", pointing to the back sliding drivers side door.
I opened it.

He then pointed to the wet grass and gruffly demanded... "I'm going to have you go and sit down on the grass for me, maam.

I walked off to the cold, wet, grass.

The two of them proceeded to flash their flashlights thru my van, looking for.....

They looked at each other, and one said something under his breath to the other.
The one turned to me and said, "you may leave now"

They walked to their car, as I got back into my van.
Shaking... I drove to my son's girlfriends.... and he drove us home.

My hubby did not like what he heard. He immediately called the police and asked if they had pulled over my van... blah blah blah.

After checking, the desk seargent called him back and said that nobody had run my license plate. He wanted to send some officers around.

That leads me to the two kind gentlemen who were at my house until close to 2:00 a.m.
VERY different men than the two who'd stopped my van.

Now.. I know there were so many things I should have done during that stop, that I didn't do. I just got so afraid and caught up.. I did none of them. Silly me.

Anyway... it turns out that they contacted some cowboy cops from specialty squads in Toronto... and other forces... and will be sending to several more. But we may never know who it was. It may be so top secret, that they aren't letting anyone know... least of all the public.  So I'm left in the dark.  Some of their thoughts were that it might be squads checking on illegal cigarettes being transported, or drug runs, or theft rings, or rcmp, opp, specialty unnamed squads, and even illegal aliens.

Believe it or not... I felt better knowing it was probably one of them...
than the previous thought that it was criminal element looking for something else.

This morning...
I am exhausted.

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?


Connie said...

Sandi~ stuff like that only happens in the movie's!! glad your Ok. scary stuff!!

Lynn said...

sandi. omg!!! that was totally scary and we're trained to obey what we perceive as authority. so yeah in hindsight but oh wow!! be careful!