Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Stuff

I like this layout. Not sure why. I just do. I think it's the picture, and the story behind it.  My hubby is such an avid golfer. PLEASE! And this is the day... nay... the MOMENT... that our son, Dana... his pride and joy... his life... his beacon of absolute joy...
well... this son, pride, joy, life, beacon, and joy... he got a NATURAL PAR!!!!  Wow. What does that mean? Well.. Daddy didn't help him get it. No saying "Oh.. just pick up the ball, and throw it closer"... and no "Just take another shot. It's ok."
Nope. He hit the ball.. hit it... hit it.. and here he is.. ready to sink it on the 4th (at a par 4). Yeah baby. 

Make and Take

This is a make and take that we did at the Scrapfest Crop. The flower is made with a strip of cloth, and the flowers are made by the same. 

of the 4 legged variety...

And to finish off with a bit of *us*... here's the latest addition to the house... Mischa...
 along with my usual Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need... Beauregard.  
She's having trouble *getting it* (going after the cats). 
And she's driving Beauregard a bit insane. 
But so far, so good. 
Training is an ongoing thing, and whew... some days I question my decision. 
But she's cute. And she's adorable... 
and we do get a kick out of her, when she copies Beauregard 
in ALL that he does.

And sometimes she just can't get close enough to him...
He will usually let her do as she wants. Sometimes he'll get up and go somewhere else.

And when that happens... she'll usually just head over to her bed, lay down... and go to sleep!

Not sure why she decides to hang mostly OUT of the bed.                 

Beau? He'll find a spot with me, or with Daddy (as here, in the family room)
... and go back to sleep.


Connie said...

love the card!!!! so pretty and the flower is so sweet!!! nice work.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh my goodness those pug pics are precious! My corgi tends to sleep half off his bed too- it boggles the mind... :)