Monday, May 30, 2011

What Makes You a ... ?

One of the biggest questions of my life is about how to define myself. I have absolutely no trouble calling myself a Scrapbooker. I have no problem calling myself a wife and a mother!  I have no problem calling myself a woman!  I am each one of these things. There is one thing I struggle with defining myself as, however.  Writer.

I write articles. I write poetry. I've had both articles and poetry published.  I've had one of my poems chiseled in marble for all time. And I am in the process of writing two books. One fiction, and one... non-fiction. Both have interest in them. But they are not published yet. Because of that, I struggle with calling myself a writer. I haven't had my books published yet, and so.. can I call myself a writer? Many think once you write... you are a writer. Others think, once you have anything published... you are a writer. Others? They think you must have a book published, in order to call yourself a writer. I am in a group of *writers* so called, that don't consider you a writer after publishing only one book. They consider that person lucky. They consider you a writer, after book 2 is published. That shows commitment. 

So many expectations from so many different people.

It's so interesting. Why are we like that? And why is it that when people see scrapbooking, they have no problem defining a person as a scrapbooker. Yet, most people who see a person's writing, do not define that person as a writer, unless they reach a certain criteria that they have personally set.

I find that so interesting.  Really.  

A Gatefold Mini Album

Here are a few pics of a mini album I'm doing for my son. The style is gatefold. I love mini albums. And my 18 year old son prefers them to all other types of layout. So... mini albums it is lately. For him, anyway. 

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