Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Aside from the Pain

Aside From the Pain

Aside From the Pain
Aside from the pain, life is. I convince myself sometimes, that tomorrow isn't going to mean what it does today. Tomorrow is going to be a today I can live in. A today that holds promise. That's alright. I have my family. And I have my scrapbooking. I'm nowhere near caught up with either. So much to do. I would like my son's story told, so that he has that balance. He can be a firsthand witness to a magnificent life. I've been the lucky witness of that life of his, and it's been the greatest blessing in my world. It's scary and magnificent, to love another human being enough, that at any given minute you would throw yourself in front of a train for him. Throw yourself into a burning building, if you had a moment's thought that he might be in there. Without question or thought, you would die for that person. Scary and magnificent.
I've been inspired today. Ispired to clean out my space. Get rid of *things*. I'm the queen of clutter. My Mom, God rest her soul, was the queen of clutter... and I acquired her clutter, and it had babies and grandbabies. I'm decluttering my life. I know where the clutter comes from. I know why I hold it. But it's time to let go. Hold onto better and brighter things. Throw my energy into better, purer, cleaner areas. Throw my energy into life, and not clutter. That's my project. I'm setting aside so much time each and every day, and getting rid of it all. Whew. I cannot wait.

Did I share my resolutions? These are them.. all set up in a nice, orderly, uncluttered list...
This year, I resolve to:
2. Unclutter my life and home
3. Lose weight
4. Regain some of my health
5. Open myself up to love more
6. Finish my book
7. Cook more, better, and healthier
8. Exercise, even when it hurts
9. Scrapbook every day
10. Get more of my pages published.
Some of these are easier than others.. but they'll each, in their own way, make my life better. So.. why would I not want a better life? I DO want a better life. And I will resolve to fight for that better life.
Yay me.

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