Saturday, January 27, 2007

Back! And I wasn't even Away!

Ok.. I'm Back! And I wasn't even Away...
and my Miracle!!!!!

I can't believe I haven't posted on this for so long. I've been busy. Honest. I've actually joined 2 Design Teams.. and they're both Kit teams. I feel more pressure on a kit team.. not sure why. LOVE it.. but I feel more pressure.

I think I'm stuck... scrapwise. I need to get my mojo going. First of all.. the camera is in the shop. How bad does that suck??? And I'm putting so much pressure on myself to do better.. that I can barely do at all. Today.. I've been playing at 2Peas. It's the big Wish you were at Cha, but having fun here, replacement day... and these ladies are so awesome. I hardly miss being at Cha. I never win at these things.. but that's ok. I'm having fun.. and working on my mojo. Although.. I did do a circle layout... blah.

I'm WARM Again!!! or... It's a Authentic Honest-to-goodness Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So.. in -18C weather.. our furnace died. We had no furnace for 4 days.. in that cold. brrrrrrrrr. We had 2 space heaters.. but that's it. This body needs more heat than that. And you wanna hear this? We had an honest-to-goodness miracle
Here's the story...
Last week, we smelled gas around my furnace. I didn't worry about it. Neither did Gary. We figured it was just the furnace firing. Then the smell got worse. Monday came, and I called. It was bad. The smell of gas was everywhere. Yikes. They wanted me to leave the house until an emergency response unit came to handle it. I couldn't because nowhere for my dog to go. He's a 90 pounder, and they won't enter the house if there's a dog there, and no owner. SO.. stuck. They arrived. IMMEDIATELY shut down the furnace. Ok.. no worry. It's not like I live in Ontario, and it's the dead of winter or anything. SO.. the emergency response unit left and had the furnace tagged.. which means, it can't be re-fired, until it's been fixed. They couldn't come until Tuesday. SO.. we WERE going to a hotel.. but again.. nowhere for the dog to go.. and it was going to be too cold in the house for him and the 2 cats. so.. we stayed. We got 2 space heaters, and pulled out a ton of blankets and hunkered down. We didn't much leave the livingroom... cuz it was just too cold. Hence me not being on the computer. THEN... today.. the repair guys comes. He can't repair it. Know why?????????????????????????????????

We were SO INCREDIBILY BLESSED... it's unbelievable. Why was our furnace smelling of gas? The gas leak? Sure. but that's not even the BIG issue. It was complete carbon backup. He said that the fire from the furnace, filled with carbon backup, and burned BACKWARDS and OUTSIDE of the unit!!!!! AND... caught fire, and burned all external wiring on the unit, and burned the inside and the heat return. It's astounding that it didn't explode, and demolish the house. $5,000 and a whole new furnace unit had to be bought. It couldn't be repaired. He said.. "Wow. I'm not a religious guy, but if I lived in this house, I sure would be. I cannot figure out how this didn't cause a catastrophe."


We just stood there silently looking at him. My heart in my throat. All I can think of is my son, sleeping peacefully in his bed, me thinking he was safe there... and it could have been the end of him. OMG . 4 days with no furnace.. but it's in now.. and ... I'm warm again.. and grateful for the miracle!!!

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