Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Great Way to End the Year!

A Great Way to End the Year!
I'm addicted to scratch tickets. There... I said it! I love my crossword scratch tickets. So... I went out and bought some... with my previous winnings... as I usuallly do. I scratch 6 tickets... and won on 5 of them!!!! And I was happy! I won $5, $3, and HEY... $50!!!! I brought them in to cash in... she pops them in and sees my $5... my $3..., my other $3's... and then pops in the big winner... I'm excited.... No $50 for me. It was $100!!!!!! What a great way to end the year!!! Ha!
So.. Gary and I went back to the fancy Chinese restaurant tonight. Why? Dana was at his friend's house. (it was our first New Year where we were not spending it together),. :( So.. we thought we may as well make it a nice time for us! I ended up falling asleep when we got home. Tired ole me. Gary went and picked up Dana at 12:30 from his friend's... and he woke me up. I was now wide awake, and went down to my scrap room and scrapped... until 4am. Happy New Year, folks!
The Resolutions
I never seem to stick to my resolutions. But this year... I am sincere. Very determined and sincere. What are they, you ask?
1. Lose Weight (that seems to be everyones)
2. Exercise daily (yeah.. well.. see above)
3. Design and list a specific goal sheet for the company this year.
4. Get on the design team for a Manufacturer.
5. Get organized with my scrapbooking.
6. Participate and place or win a Major Contest
7. Improve my health
8. Move into a better home
9. Invest
10. Write more
And you? Have you set up your own list of Resolutions?

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