Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm On the Lookout!!!

Things are getting more and more difficult!!

I need a new computer. Mine has been built up through the years... but it needs a brother or a sister... new and excessively fast and pretty. You know the kind? Keeping the old adage of *waste not - want not* however... I would keep mine... and bring it into my scrap room. THEN.. I'll have myself set up in a perfect way. I'm just looking right now. But it's probably going to be soon. Any hints on what computer to buy, would be greatly appreciated.
I did just go out and get myself an HP 3 in 1. I needed a new scanner... so I got an all \in one, to clear up some space. I hate having a scanner here.. a fax there... a printer over there. Now, I have more room for something else! Any ideas? :-))))

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