Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Beauregard

My Little Beauregard and the Big Snip

Here he is... on the way to the vet hospital this morning, to be neutered.

He comes to work with us every day... so when we deviate the drive.. he recognizes it. And he did notice today. The only time we head out this one particular highway, is to go to the vet... so he knew. Poor little baby. He didn't understand what was going on this morning, when I handed him over to the girl. He's very sensitive. A typical puggle. He is a mama's boy... and a daddy's boy. He isn't used to being separated from us... so he's scared. And of course... I got upset. :( Ugh. It feels like forever until we can pick him up at 9am tomorrow morning. It's the right thing... the responsible thing. But I wish I could just stay with him. These little dogs are very different from the larger ones. Our old dog that we lost last year... Kato... he was very sensitive and sweet... but in a different way.

It's a tough day... cuz I'm a big ole wimp, and I want my Beauregard back.

My Other *Baby*... Ok.. at 16... I am allowed mere seconds to take the picture and move on. That's how I grabbed this diddy last night. He was doing volunteer work at his high school, and came home later in the evening with the knowledge that I wanted to take a couple of pics. So... very little argument took place. Again... as long as speed was tantamount. Gone is the little one that loved to smile for the camera at every opportunity. Don't get me wrong. He's 16, and feels like the camera loves him... as most 16 year old boys. But like most teens, he has much better use of his time.

There you have it. Very cute young man... who is very busy... and very much *on the move*. And trying to be very tolerant of his mom.

I do have to mention the clothes though. Have you noticed how things seem to be heading back to the 60's and 70's? You know... the shirts that are tight... the pants all grungy... and the hair with that *swept look*???

Hope you held onto those old vintage clothes ladies. They're gonna come back eventually.

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Rebekah said...

OMG, Dana is HUGE!! What a handsome young man you've got there Sandie :)