Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank GOD It's Friday!!!

Thank God It's Friday.... and a Giveaway!

I'm desperately in need of the weekend. My husband is away, and is due back, thank God.. and my Puggle hasn't adjusted well to Daddy not being here the past few days. AND... he's a LOT of work when he's unsettled. Can I repeat..... I'm desperately in need of the weekend.

Here's my day, so far... I get up at 5:45, after finally getting puppy puggle to play dead in his bed... aka pretend to sleep while staring at me all night to make sure that I didn't disappear like Daddy... around 2:30am. Sweeping my feet to the floor, and heading down the stairs in the dark, I almost trip on... yep, you guessed it... puppy puggle, trying to beat me down the stairs, after assuming in his sleep addled puggle brain that I was trying to sneak off to Daddy, and leave him home. Righting myself, and moving forward, I make it to the livingroom, and turn on my morning fix of Morning Joe on MSNBC, and tell puppy puggle to head on out to *make a potty outside*. He happily leaps outside onto the deck, and leaps immediately back into the kitchen, after discovering... much to his chagrin... that there is raindrops falling out there. He heads to the box to do his job inside... where it's dry. Of course.. the morning business is long and lusty, and it takes me quite a bit of time to clean up after him, empty his box... put clean paper and puppy pads down... and have it ready just in time for ....

uh huh... potty Number TWO. Which is equally as lusty as the number one was... only deadlier. Picture me... once again... cleaning the little guys toilet again... spraying... plopping onto the couch... and looking up at the tv. I get up.. realize there wasn't anything to make for picky son's lunch.. so yogurt, apple, drink and chips it is... dishes not done last night... are next. Email is handled... then son comes down...then get the cursery kiss while he realizes... OH NO. It's picture day, and I need money.. and the form filled out. Thanks for the heads up, son, I say. I then rush to get me and puppy puggle ready for work, so that I can take son to school, to have time to fill out form for pictures, and send money. I go to pick up puppy puggle while son jumps into the van, while leaving the front door open. Something you don't do in a house, commonly referred to as Noah's Ark. The cat (completly an indoor bub)... leaps to his freedom. Yep... son runs after said cat, while me... I am toddling after said son, holding puppy puggle, letting secondary cat out the door... while said son is yelling and chasing and yelling more that he is gonna be late for school. I say "Son.. stop chasing him. He'll stop running." Son doesn't believe me, and maintains the chase. Finally he stops, angry and put out, and tired, and dismayed, and frustrated, and almost late for school. I pop particularly plump puppy puggle into the van, and calmly walk up to cat, who is now half way down the street... I pick him up, and hand him to frustrated son, who is now even angrier, cuz he sees mom is right. Not a good thing for a teen ager to discover. And voila.. we hit the van, and head to school. Dropping off said son, puppy puggle and I head to Tim Hortons for coffees for office, and head on in. I pick up stuff in car for the office, connect puppy puggle to his chain, walk us all into the office, and begin our day. With no internet or email. Not good for an ad agency. So... my first order of the day is repairing said internet and email, handle puppy puggle... head on out for bull winkle, for puppy to amuse himself with... and busily handle the friday without hubby here.

Like I said. Thank God it's Friday. Whew. So... I have a giveaway today. I'm on the Team at the International Scrapbooking Association, and I have a membership to give away. I should tell you... it's an awesome site. It's fun, informative, inspirational, and helpful. That's a lot of positives. So.. leave me a post here, if you're interested in joining... and I'll pick someone to give a year membership to.

Post away! I'll pick someone on Monday!!!

By the way... I did a layout that I thought I would share.

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kimosabescraps said...

I love how you used the swirlies and the tilt of the photos...
and your days sound like mine... you deserve a weekend!