Friday, December 12, 2008

And Another Thing...

I've gotten a tad more introspective. And with that in mind... I'll be working on classes for The Vision Board, in the new year. If you are interested, keep a watch. I think it'll be a wonderful journey... and one that will aid us in bringing an era of gratitude and prosperity and goodness into our worlds... even more than we currently enjoy. Fun!

This layout is called Sassy and Young. Yes... I once was young. I look back and think of all of the wishes and hopes and dreams that I had back then. How different would my life be, if I had created a Vision Board back then? How different would my life be, if I had read "The Secret"... brought the process into my life. My daily life? Had I moved in a constant pattern towards those wishes and hopes and dreams. And moreso.. had I drawn those same things TOWARDS me?

I drink my milk. I don't lament over it being spilt. So, I move forward and onward. And I will grab hold of the life I want now. And I will call my dreams to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandie. I have been trying to contact you about winning the RAK from TaDa Creative Studios:

You can contact me at with your address and I'll mail off your goodies!

Glad I stopped into your blog...I enjoyed looking through your art! Beautiful stuff! Let me know if you create anything with the TaDa supplies you will receive...I'd love to add it to our blog!

Thanks for taking the time and stopping by to leave a comment on our new blog. It was much appreciated!

Best regards,
Tracy Austin

Mr. Puggle said...

don't you miss 80's big hair too?