Friday, December 12, 2008

Nowhere Near

Nowhere Near... and Yet So Close

So... I am nowhere near ready for Christmas.... and yet it is so close. How does it sneak up so quickly? How is it that one day, I am making the decision to shop early... and the next day, I'm already too late to be early. In fact... the day after that... I am running handily late.
Christmas. When I wasn't working... it was my most favourite time of the year. Now, I tend to try and fracture time to allow me to get my decorations up. It's a very stressful time of the year. When I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom, I was able to make the time to do this, in a more stress-free manner. Made it much more enjoyable. However... wah wah wah. My cry is over... and I will go home... do my dishes that I didn't do last night... decorate... put away the storage containers that are currently in my hall... and tidy up. Then I'll crash... and hey. I'll get up in the morning, and start all over. :) OH... did I mention, hubby wants me to book us on a trip? Yeah. So.. I'll get that done in the meantime. He wants the trip done THIS MONTH. No pressure. Yeah. I can hear some of you... WHAT? You want us to feel sorry for you cuz you have to BOOK A TRIP??? yeah. I know it's asking a lot. Really. But it's still a stress WHILE I do it... DURING Christmas shopping, WHILE running a company... AND a home... AND being a Mom and wife. All while I battle chronic illness. That just is my fact. However... so many have it so much worse. And those of you, who don't have their spouses home with them for Christmas? I recognize you top that list. And my fun whine is just that. I know I'm blessed. I pray for those of you who have lost their spouse, or whose spouse is fighting a war. If you need special prayers (by name)... just let me know. I'll put your name down on my list... happily so.

And now for our DUH moment of the day.

OK... now.. have I managed to fit in scrapbooking in this life?

If it's a life... it's gotta have scrapbooking in it.

Here are a few of my latest pages.

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