Monday, August 3, 2009

August 4, 2009

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yada yada yada

I'm back to work today. How many ways can I say that sucks.

Thankfully, it's a short week, cuz i was off on Monday due to Canada's civic holiday called Lord Simcoe Day. What does it mean to most Canadians? A day off. Weren't you paying attention?

I was invited to be a Guest Designer on Candy Shoppe Designs. Check them out!!! I bet you'll like what you see!!!

Some New Stuff
I created some new stuff. I did up a few cards, and the other is a large clothespin for my desk at work.

Here are some fun pics of my animals, that make our lives so much more fun and interesting. And loving too. Let's not forget that! Pets can bring such joy and love into a home. It astounds me that they offer us so much love and devotion, while expecting almost nothing in return. Beauregard and Jaguar are constantly at each other. They are typical siblings that fight and play and fight and play. Beauregard cannot get enough of that cat. Jag, on the other hand, does frequently get enough of Beauregard!

Disney, on the other hand, is soft, mellow... and a bit of a loner. Disney loves me. He's happiest if he's sitting on the couch directly behind my head... which is wear you see him now... or on the armrest directly beside me, laying down so that he is somewhat on me. Beauregard just likes to be anywhere any of us are. Nothing complicated about that!!!

Have a Great Day!

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Chrispea said...

Awww, cute pug and cats. Love the big clothes pin.