Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5th, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday to my baby boy... Dana Joseph Maximillian Roberts. sigh


I'm left to pause at that number. When I think of 17 year olds, I think of children. Young adults, sure... but it's so young! But when I attribute that age to my son... it seems like only yesterday that he was in my arms, dependant on me for his every need. Now, he's so independant, he rarely wants me to do things for him. I routinely hear "I can do it myself, Mom". sigh
Life is both wondrous and marvelous, while just going too fast for my liking. I mean, where did the years go? My little boy, about to enter Grade 12, as an elected Student Trustee for the Catholic Board of Education. About to enter Grade 12, already knowing his life's ambition, the school he wants to attend, and what he wants to do forever. 17. That's the kind of 17 year old he is. I'm glad he's not overly needy, it'll help him as he gets older. But it makes it somewhat tougher because I'm left watching. I'm more on the sidelines now. That's what parenthood is like, as your children get older. You are on the sidelines. They get older, move on up and onward. Find a new life for themselves, and we are left watching and waiting for them to give us some of their spare time. sigh.
I'm full of sighs, aren't I? I'm sitting on the sidelines, waiting for him to need me, or give me some of his time. And that's good. And it's sad. For me.
We invest everything we are and all that we have into our children. It's tough to no longer have to do that.
So.. that's that. Today, though, is a good day. We had the Toronto TV talk show anchor call him on air at 6:30 am, and wake him up today. Just for fun. We're off to dinner with him and his girlfriend tonight. His girlfriend. Yes. I'm getting tickets to go see the Toronto Blue Jays, and I'm pushing him to have a get together next week with his friends, so that they all have time to book off of work. (birthday parties are different at 17)!
Happy Birthday, Dana! I Love You! xoxo

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Stacey Michaud said...

Happy birthday to him! Time flies, huh?