Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog Award!!!
Well... fun times! I was given this award from a fellow Design Team member from ScrapTiffany... Vicki Canning. Vicki is a cool girl from Scotland. Here is Vicki's site! Go have a look!

How fun is this??? :)

Ok.. so there's a price to this. Now I gotta tell you 7 things about myself, and choose 7 people/blogs to receive this award next. Ok...
Here I go...

1. I love seniors. All my volunteer work is with seniors. They are so interesting and beloved.
2. I believe in ghosts. There... I said it again. I believe in ghosts. Mostly because of personal experiences.
3. I once kissed Englebert Humperdink full on the mouth. (I put him on in concert). LOL Lovely
4. I treat my puggle Beauregard, like a child. And he considers it his due!!! Hmmmmm
5. I carry several magazines and a laptop, if I'm going to be in the car longer than 20 minutes. It's a compulsion that drives my husband and son crazy.
6. I routinely get into the wrong van so that the van's driver finds me sitting there waiting for him.
7. I'm writing a book. :)

Now I gotta offer this to others. Today, I'm going to visit a bunch of my blogs that I enjoy, and I'll hand out this to 7 of my faves. Maybe it'll be yours! Check back tomorrow to find out who I choose!

Beauregard! The Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need...
Today's Need? Chewies

Beauregard needs to chew. And we have two choices... only two! We provide him with something he is ALLOWED to chew? Or we provide him with a household that cannot possibly ALL be put too high for him to reach. So... left hand? Chewies. Right hand? Anything he can get his little toothums on.
We buy him chewies. Or.. otherwise known as stuffet. (stuffed animals). And they must have a squeaker inside. You might think WHAT???"+@#&*^#@ SQUEAKER??? NOISE MAKER??? ARE YOU INSANE?

No. Well.. yes, probably.. but not because of this! The squeaker is the attention getter. It's what holds his interest. It's what demands his attention. It is what calls him to chew THIS particular thing, over EVERY SINGLE OTHER thing in the house. You see? This is how it goes!


And there it is. WHAT. Whatcha got? For ME??? Gimme. Look how nice I'm sitting. GIMME.
I press down and SQUEEEEEAK. NOW he's frozen. Except his tale. That's going one-twenty km an hour ... and his eyes are bulging! (Ok.. his eyes are ALWAYS bulging)... but still... SQUEEEEAK, I press again. Now he's fidgetting. I pull out the offending stuffet and say HERE YOU GO!!!!!
And he grabs. With gusto, with fervour... with intent. And begins to chew. He chews until the offending stuffet squeaks like Mommy had it squeaking. Then he knows. Then he's sure. THIS THING MAKES NOISE! That must mean it's destroyable!!!! And he goes for the kill. for the squeak. For the tear. He rips it apart, until his nose squishes itself inside the poor body of the stuffet, and he begins tearing out the stuffing until.... hold onto your hat..................................................... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there it is! The squeak. He's a happy puggle. A needy, destructive, happy Puggle. That's my Beauregard. Here's a layout with what used to be a big, fat, stuffed, stuffet.

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Don't forget to check out Pam's Blog! That generous girl is still handing out awesome RAK's. It's been going on all week!!


Marlene said...

Oh my GOSH, your pug is ADORABLE!!!! Love the layout, too!

Cracked up reading about you getting in the wrong van!!!!!

Lynn said...

how adorable is he. you're so f unny but done that wrong car thing too. AND my laverne a dalmation loves squeakers but chews them OUT immediately. lol love the lo!

Elisa K said...

Ok cracking up here... lol Your pug is simply adorable.. hehe Love the layout...

Thanks for sharing

Elisa K

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

You're writing a book! How cool! I want to do the same, but am stuck! LOL!

Love your cute pug!