Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Interesting Interests
So.. I pretty much live, eat, breathe my family. The amazingly wonderful hubby... the spectacular child of my loins... cats a and b... otherwise known as Disney and Jaguar.. and yes... the Problematic puggle of perpetual need... Beauregard the Great...
After family.. there is this common bond called Scrapbooking. The need to create... to purchase... to collect... to amass... etc etc etc. This so-called hobby, otherwise known as addiction, compunction, need, drive, ambition, love... fills up much of my world.

And then there is the other interest....
I'll start by telling you where my Scrapbooking room is. It's in my home office. Not my real office... but my home office. That home office is located in my basement. My basement isn't a prettily decorated part of my home. No-siree... it's a dark and small room, hidden in a partially finished basement, also used as a storage area in much of the space. My scrapbooking room/home office rests deep down there. At night, which is when I scrap... it can get a bit odd. Especially since the rest of my brood is upstairs. Waaaaaa-aaaaay upstairs. I'm too far down below to be heard, most likely.

Ok, I'll say it. It's a scary spot. It's an eerie space. A part of the house that makes it hard to go to my happy place. And yet... my hobby... my compunction... my neeeee-eeeed (didn't know that was a two syllable word, eh?) continues to drive me down there.... alone... in the dark of night. Perhaps that scary stuff ALSO drives me down there. I like to be scared. Which brings me to the actual task of naming my other interest... My house is haunted. Whew. THERE, I said it. It's haunted! I have heard and seen some odd things down there, alone in the middle of the dark night. And yet... I still go down and play. Yepper. In fact... the other night... I went down, movie in hand... plugged in my Mac, and watched a movie while I scrapped... What was the movie? Paranormal Activity. In this moment, I need to tell you folks just how awesome I am. I sat in that dungeon... ahem... basement... and I watched that scary movie... all alone... in the middle of the night. yes-siree. And for those of you that haven't seen it? That is one scary movie. Ahhhh... It just added to the ambience of my already considered to be haunted little hole in the earth basement. That's some scary stuff. And that folks... is my other interest... the haunting of my home. Or the haunting of any home. :)

I'll leave you with a picture I took inside a room. Take a look. These lights just showed up... and the face on the left side? Can ya see it? What do you think???


Vicki said...

well that is a little creepy space, but you create such wonder in there so it doesn't really matter!!! have a great day xx

Marlene said...

Ok - that picture just creeped me out.......looks like Herman Munster up there!

On a happier note, I'm so glad I found someone else in bloggy land who says "Eh!" EH?!!! :)

You are a funny, funny lady.

Lisa Dorsey said...

that picture is creepy! You are a braver woman than I am. My room is upstairs by the kids. LOL