Monday, July 5, 2010

We've Moved!

Crazy times.  So much change in our world... and I can barely think.  We needed to move... but it's still stressful.  Our son was raised in the other house.  17 years!  Can you imagine?  17 years we lived in that house, and now here we are in the new one. I'll post pics once we aren't living in abject chaos.  I'll post pics of inside and outside.  The best part?  It's got 1,500 sq ft more than the last one.  The other good news?  It has a scrapbooking room for me, that's NOT in the basement!  Yeah!  It's on the main floor, with french doors leading to it... off the kitchen and laundry.  How perfect is that?  AND it has doors leading onto the back deck!  Very handy.  Pics will come, I promise!

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Amanda said...

Did you ever mail my stamps? It's been since June 5 and I still haven't seen them. Please let me know something soon!