Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 29, 2010

My Baby Graduates

My baby is growing up.  He's graduating HIGH SCHOOL!  I can hardly believe it!  He has graduated high school.  I need to keep repeating it.  Where did the time go?  Where did it go?

One day, I was trying and trying to have a baby... and the next day... I was holding onto that baby, as he became a man.  It just doesn't seem possible.

As we sat in the Church, (the largest one in town), we pulled open the agenda, and poof!  There was his name!  Our little baby had won some wonderful awards!  You don't know that you've won awards until the actual graduation, so it was a shock to us and him.  He won for Leadership at school and the Community.  He won for marks, leadership and volunteerism, at school, and in the community.  He was also noted for his attitude and how well respected he was.  It was a proud moment.  He graduated with honours, and distinction.  And we felt honoured by him.

Congratulations, Dana... My baby... My young man!

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