Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Week Upon Us! A week of OPPORTUNITY!

Today's Affirmation

Fall seven times, stand up eight.  ~Japanese Proverb

A Layout
"A Grad at Last"

Our little boy is growing up! When did this happen? My son came down, looked at this, and actually liked it!!! lol  Ok... I should explain. He seems to like them all! Or... most of them. He prefers busier pages, though. And he really likes the mini books most. It's not like he doesn't like my pages, it's just that he rarely offers an unsolicited opinbion. I think it's just Dana at 18. (almost 19). But this page, he actually came in and said... "Hey Mom, I really like this page." hmmm. Wish I'd thought to ask him what he liked about it.

Which begs the question... 

Who do we design our pages for? Do we do what WE like? 
What our children would like? 

I guess that's easier when they are little. They like anything. But if you have older children, do you ask them what they like? IF they like it?


Pamela said...

I definitely design mine for me! :) Love your page, it's really great!

Connie said...

Glad he loked ~it is wonderful!!! I design for me that's for sure~