Friday, June 17, 2011

From My Garden

I have these huge flowers in my garden, that I just love. They smell divine, and are all over my front and back and side gardens. Yay. So I decided to cut some for my kitchen and family room. They are smelling that area of my house up quite nicely!

From the Garden of Some Friends!

My son came home from his girlfriend's house, with these lovely flowers! They were from her parent's garden, and they sent them home with my son Dana, for me. I love that. People are so nice. I love thoughtful gestures like that. They make my day. So thank you Diana, for the lovely, sweet-smelling flowers.

Speaking of Thoughtful, my hubby sat on the front verandah this evening, with a cup of tea..  and did something he never ever does. He wrote me a poem. A poem! My husband has always been free with his words of love, but he's not a writer. And yet, here he was... writing a lovely piece of prose for me! He emailed it to me, and I was so shocked. And touched. My hubby!

On the stoop I sit
Birds Chirp Cars Zoom
The sun sets and the clock ticks
The leaves rustle and flowers continue to grow
I ponder I ponder I ponder
The thought is there
My heart goes beat beat beat
And I know
I love you

And I ponder

How sweet is this??? What a sweetheart. My guy. :)

Leaving off with a couple of my other guys... (and gal)...
Doing what they do best....  Beauregard is eating (a treat, commonly known as deer penis, I kid you not), And Mischa.... upside down, feet up... sleeping!


Margie H said...

Beautiful flowers and a sweet poem from hubby...what a great start to the weekend!

Not sure about that name for a treat tho. LOL!!!

Have a great weekend!

Connie said...

Wish your flowers were in my garden~just beautiful sandi!!!