Saturday, February 17, 2007

Great Ideas

Great Ideas

Great Ideas!
Ok.. so I got an idea from a Pea. I think it's magnificent, and I'm going to do it. I'm going to create myself a Success Box. I am determined to lose weight, and get as fit as I can be. It will improve how I feel, so it just makes sense. This is where the Success Box is going to come in.

For every week I stay on track with exercise and healthy eating, I will pay myself some money. Not sure how much yet... but I'll figure it out soon. I could end up with a great paycheque at the end of this.. AND a lot healthier. So, it's a win/win situation. And I love money, so it's a great motivator. You'd think that the healthier me would be motivation enough, wouldn't you? Not sure I 100% believe there will be a healthier me at the end. I think that's the issue. But I'm worth the try. Since I've taken ill, exercise is not easy. (Is it easy for anyone?) Ok.. I'm downplaying this. It's hard. Very hard. Getting on and off the machines on my cane.. tough. Walking afterwards... tough. Putting myself thru the excruciating pain of it? Tough. But.. you gotta do what you gotta do. And I'm feeling like this could be a blast.

Money. Some say it's the root of all evil. See.. I don't believe that. I follow more along the path of the Secret. Did you guys see the Oprah shows on the Secret? One of the guys that goes around the world teaching this is Bob Proctor. My husband and I saw him, and did a few workshops with him, back when we were just dating. Great workshops. Anyway.. in the Secret.. money is not the root of all evil.. and I agree. I think how it can change you, if you let it.. that can be bad. But I promise all you guys, when I become filthy rich.. I won't let it change me. Of course.. some may say I'm already miserable??? :D Nah. I'm not.

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