Saturday, February 17, 2007


So.. it's the 17th of February. I swear I will not let this blog go like this again. Not sure what's been happening in my world.. but it's been busy. Again.. I went to the funeral of a child yesterday. Crazy! He was 10 years old. If you listen to Hockey tonight, Don Cherry will probably talk about him. He got hit in the head with a hockey puck, while playing outside with some friends.. and he didn't make it. Unreal. Andrew and Sue donated his organs so that other children would live. I think their act of courage should be sung out loud. I can't imagine making that decision.

Valentines Day

Did you do anything? I was sick. Can you believe it? blah. Of course you can. Well.. Hubby got me perfuce, body lotion, and my son got me the body lotion I LOVE.. which is Olay Quench. Awesome stuff, if you're in the market. And their hand lotion is to die for. Wowee.
What did I get them? Well... I made Dana a box, and filled it with some candy for him. Here's the box

For Gary... I made him a tray. It's the first tray I've ever done, but I think it turned out ok. I hope it did. He liked it anyway.

So that's my Valentines Day. Next up? Lent. Not as much fun as Valentines for sure.

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