Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big Snip

The Big Snip

I did a new layout of Beauregard. I called it "The Big Snip". Three guesses as to what it's about??? Now that he's fixed, we've started taking puppy classes. And he's doing surprisingly good!!! Go figure. I would never have expected it. He's much smarter than he appeared to be. Which... sadly means that we are much dumber. The tail has definitely been wagging the dog in my home. It is what it is... and hopefully we'll get a bit smarter, along with the dog.
At first, we decided that Gary would lead him in the classes and I'd just watch. Once we got there, however... Gary benched himself, and sent in the farm team. So.. it's me and Beau... with Gary watching from the comefy chair on the side, with an X-lrg Tim's coffee. What a guy. Beau and I are coming to terms with the class, expectations, and which of us is the dog.. and which is the tail, exactly. We're still arguing about it.

Here's the layout. "The Big Snip"... The poor little guy had that nasty cone on. I felt bad. :( So.. I grabbed an old soft t-shirt of mine... cut out some head room, and shortened it, etc... and put it on him. Hey, at least it meant he could have a bit of a break from the conehead. This dog has wormed his way into our hearts in such a major way. His funny monkey face, makes us smile. He's got such a major attitude that he also makes us crazed. What a dog.

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Tara said...

That is by far the cutest most adorable layout ever!!