Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

November 2nd. -- All Souls Day!

Today... I turned...

One year older. It's funny how as young people, we want desperately to appear older than we are. When we get older... we try desperately to appear younger than we are. Today... my mirror should come with a warning! "Things in the mirror appear older than they are".

I got some nice presents for my birthday. My son bought me a gift certificate to my favourite clothing store. He bought it with his own money. So.. I bought myself some nice things. :)

Hubby? He bought me beautiful flowers first thing in the morning, and made reservations at our favourite booth at a new restaurant. It was a lovely day. But birthdays just don't mean much to me anymore. It just means older. The birthday I love to celebrate? Christmas and my son's birthday. Christmas for obvious reasons. My son's birthday? Well, because that's a date I remember being there for. That's a day I remember vividly. I remember him coming into the world. I remember looking at him. Wondering at him. I remember the love... the awe... the absolute heart-wrenching and painful love that consumed me the first glance of him. I remember that day, oh yes. Now THAT'S a birthday I like celebrating.

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