Monday, November 24, 2008


Ooops. Just How Old AM I?

I appear to have gotten my age wrong. LOL ach. At least... I am now younger than I thought I was. I was sure I was one age... (remember... I"m not telling anymore)... and here I found out... Nope. The news isn't as dastardly as I had originally thought. Whew. I can breath a younger sigh of relief. Not much younger, mind you... but younger.

In keeping with the whole theme of Age... Here's a page I just did called "Youth and Yesterday".
The journaling goes around the edges, and it says:

I had so many dreams at this age. I thought that one day I would marry a good man, have a family, write, be a woman of faith, be the best Mom I could be. So many dreams all those years ago. What mattered then, still matters to me today.


Rebekah said...

Okay, I have been checking your blog DAILY *waiting* for an update, not to find one... and today there are blogs from the past MONTH I have never seen!! Am I losing my mind here?? Anyways, happy belated birthday to my favorite northern friend! Hope you, Dana, & Gary are doing fabulously!

Tara said...

Beautiful colors and layers on your layout. Love the photo too Sandie. :)

Sandie said...

Thanks! LOL Becki-boo... I wrote them all, and SAVED them, instead of publishing them. I'm a major dope with this blog.