Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009

Rest In Peace

It's crazy. One minute, you are resting in the fact that life is even keel.. and the next second, you are thrown so far left, that you are unsure of absolutely anything and it's place in life at this given moment in time. One week ago, at the Celtic Awards of Distinction night, we were at my son's school for him to be presented with an award of distinction. We had much to be proud of. Another little girl (14) was getting an award that night as well. She is a diver of some note.;.. headed for the olympics. She was 4th in Canada right now, and she was being recognized for that accomplishment. As she stood in front of our table, we marvelled at how fit and beautiful she was. We marvelled at how she had it all... looks, charm, good family, attitude, athleticism, drive. The whole package.

One week later, to the day... Tuesday, June 16th, I receive the call from my son. He sounds horrible. He sounds unexpectedly quite, hesitant, and still. There was a horrible, awful accident. This beautiful girl was in gym class, and went to use the bathroom at the city park where they were playing ball... and the wall of this 4 year old structure fell... on top of her. Students ran to try and pull the rocks off of her. The ambulance came. They did what they could. She was gone within the hour. It was the second last day of school, and the student and staff are left devastated. They are scrambling to make sense of it. Students who should have been loud and gregarious and excited, were left wandering around quietly... trying to regain their footing, while the grief counsellors tried to help the best way they could. It shouldn't happen that way. This week, I've been hugging my son more than usual. I pray for the family of Isabel Warren, and ask for your prayers as well.

Here is the story.


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Shirley said...

I can't read the story. My heart already aches for all who knew her and gloried in her being. How absolutely tragic for her family and all who cherished her. To lose a child is to lose part of oneself. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa Dorsey said...

oh how sad for that girl and her family. I will definitely keep them in my prayers. I need to hug my girls.

Linda Beeson said...

Wow! The phrase "what a difference a day makes" isn't always a positive thought, is it! These things never make sense and so they are so hard for our minds to take in.