Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 3, 2009

Air France Disaster

It's odd when these things hit close to home. The one and only Canadian that was on the plane, is Brad Clemes. Brad is my husband's age... 49. And he's in marketing... like my husband. And, oh yeah... we've known his Mom for 22 years. And she works in the office beside us, as well... coincidently enough. When we got the calls from some other friends, telling us who it was... it made me numb. Like... Are you kidding me? Here one minute... gone the very next. And in such a way. I offer prayers up to all those who lost a loved one in the Air France disaster. God Bless Brad. God Bless his Mom, Noreen. God Bless his family, and his brothers... and especially his sons.

My Son, the MC

Once again, Dana was invited to MC at the RiverRun Centre, here in Guelph. It was a large music show. So much talent out there, it's crazy. As part of his MCing, he took part in some skits, had some fun... and did what he loves to do... talk in front of an audience. LOL My camera wasn't working (what's new?). So my photos suck. However.. here he is. My baby.


I did some more layouts. I need a kick in the pants. i need inspiration. I need motivation. I need to do something different. I need to TAKE a class. I need to TEACH a class. Ugh. I still need to find a home to hang in. Lots of needs eh?


Pamela said...

Great layouts!!!

Audrey said...

love that first layout, Sandie -- the angle is really cool!

Shirley said...

Your pages are wonerful and your other news so sad. I wonder and pray for people's families when these things happen. How very tragic. Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find yours, Sandie!