Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time

I love the soft romance of a poorly lit room, a slow flash, and a light filled Christmas tree. It just feels warm and cozy to me. Add a puggle on a soft fleece blanket in front of a fireplace... and I'm a happy girl.

Merry Christmas, Folks!

Can you believe it? Christmas 2009, has come and gone. And we are well on our way towards the coming year! I am constantly amazed by how fast time goes, the older I get. The older my son gets, the more rapid yet. Time has flown by so quickly that my son now finds it flying by.

Christmas here was a quiet affair. Family lives a fair distance away. It can be a bit lonely at times, especially as my son is an only child. He does have a girlfriend, and she has a very social family. Which is nice for him.

Gary and I were going easy this year with each other, and he listened as well as he usually does. which means... not much at all. I got him what I always do... clothes. He owns a company and appearance means a lot. He looks so sharp in his new clothes. Dana got him clothes too, from a cool, hip *current* shop. Gary loves that shirt. It came in too small, however... cuz kids today wear their clothes a bit snugger than a 50 year old is comfortable with. (and should be comfortable with). We, as usual, went a bit bonkers on our only. We got him a Wii, a Blue Ray, a Home Theatre system for his bedroom tv/ and blue ray. We got him some clothes, some personal items, perfume (cologne), lamp, games, movies, etc. You know... what 17 year olds like. Me? I got the one thing I've wanted forever, it seems. I got a Magic Bullet. SO much fun to use. I got Season One of Star Trek - Deep Space Nine from my wonderful son (Yes, I AM a geek)... and I got flannel jammies. LOVE them! I got perfume, coffee maker, (Wanted that), and some fun scrap items (ALWAYS want them!!!)... and odds and sods, etc. We have nice Christmas traditions that we have held true year after year, no matter what. Christmas Eve means Mass, and family dinner out at our local Chinese restaurant with a huge buffet. Then we come home, open one present each... which is always PJ's... and wrap presents all night, while watching movies. (I ended up wrapping until 5am. Yes... 5:00 a.m.) Ouch. Christmas morning, we get up and open our stockings in our pj's. Then we get dressed, and head to Mass. After Mass, we come home, and I make breakfast, and we sit and give thanks together. After breakfast, we take our drinks (coffee and Orange Juice) into the living room, and begin opening our presents... one at a time. We each watch the others open our presents. We don't even begin opening our gifts until around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. And we don't finish until lunch time). Christmas morning lasts a long time for us. We've done it this way since I was a child, and certainly for my son's entire life, and he's 17!! He loves it too. It makes things last. His friends are finished by 7:30 am, and his is a day long event. lol

Anyway... Christmas and her beautiful lights, music, meaning, and love... is once again over for another year. I trust that each of you was surrounded by love, togetherness (as much as you needed)... and good wishes. I pray that you each enjoyed the *Merry* with your Christmas.

Merry Merry Christmas!

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