Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Another Christmas Thought

My son is the elected Trustee in his school. Because of that position, he does a lot of things in the community. Right now, his school has adopted 6 families in the community that can't do their own Christmas. Most of these families have teenage kids... mostly boys. With the economy as it is, they were not getting as much in, as the kids were hoping for, and my son and the rest of his senate, were getting more and more concerned. In an age that everyone is talking about kids who are not helping... kids who don't care about anyone but themselves... these kids ended up donating much of their own money. My son gave more than a hundred dollars of his own money to this cause. He was frantic that they wouldn't get things for Christmas... that they would feel forgotten and left out. These kids pushed and pushed, and ended up donating their own money, and the money that the senate made for them to do fun things (like dances, hops, etc)... just to ensure these families a good Christmas. Then they went to the malls and stores, and purchased hundreds of dollars of gifts and gift cards, and food and food cards. They are wrapping it all tomorrow, satisfied that these kids will be ok. There are a lot of great teens out there, and they need acknowledgement too. We can rest in the fact that our world is indeed coming into good, strong, loving and caring hands. The hands that we taught. The hands that we prayed for on a daily basis. The hands that we held until they grew old enough that they made us let them go. It's a good Christmas season.

New Layout
Here's a layout I did for a ScrapTiffany challenge. I loved the age of 4. It was magnificent, sweet, and perfect. I don't think there was ever a better age. That was as close to Heaven on Earth as was possible to get.

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