Monday, August 11, 2008

Challenges and Contests and Design Teams, Oh My!

Challenges and Contests and Design Teams, Oh My!!!
Whenever I get stale with my scrapbooking... I tend to start looking at participating in Challenges, Contests, and Design Team tryouts. Why? Because it sparks something inside me. Something creative, and innovative... and something that dwells *outside my personal creative box*. I seem to be able to move forward... usually. Not always, of course... but often enough, that it compels me each and every time, to start looking towards these things, to grab back my creative self. But then... when do you become a *serial contestant*, and when is it just ok to play anyways?
I've been on Design Teams that have made comments about the people who are once again playing, when they seem to be in every challenge, contest, or DT tryout. I've heard the negative comments aimed at these perpetual participants. I may have even taken part in these chats.. So it begs the question... Is it always ok to participate as often as you like? Or should you just back off... and play only now and then? How often is too often? And can you play as often as you like, as long as you aren't winning all that much?
... and since we're on the subject... what about the fairness of Contests? If you participate in too many contests, do you think that judges hold it against you? Do you think you still have as much of a chance of winning, if you have the reputation of playing all the time?
There are some contests that surprise the heck out of me, when I see who wins, and who doesn't. I wonder what the decision was based on. But usually... when the vote is done by the residing Design Team, or Manufacturer Team, it's usually pretty fair and unbiased. Which is awesome. Which leads me to ask...
What kind of contest do you prefer? The kind that is judged by the Design Team? Or the kind that is judged by everyone? I'm not exactly thrilled with the ones that open the vote up for all and sundry. Probably because I don't have enough friends to ever do well in those. People are forever posting to groups and forums that I belong to, along with my own personal email... asking for a vote for one thing or another. And sometimes I even vote for them... cuz they asked... even if I'm also in the same contest.
Is that crazy, or what???
Yeah. It's odd. Anyway... I'm rambling today. I did create some stuff this weekend... I'll scan them in tomorrow... and post them.
I'd love to know what you think about the above stuff. Me? I'll most likely continue to jump into the fun stuff... cuz they spark me. I like being sparked. :) Hey! Tomorrow... some updated pics of my Beauregard the PUG. :)

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