Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Promised Pics of a Problematic Puggle (and my hubby)

The Promised Pics of a Problematic Puggle (and my hubby)

So... my beautiful Puggle, Beauregard... the saga continues. He had his next needle. There's one more to go.. and then "The Big Snip". (being a responsible owner, and not breeding... we have our animals spayed and neutered)... Feeling a little Bob Barkerish for a minute there. Anyway... Beau. Still coming into work with us each and every day. Still sucking up an awful lot of energy too. He's a darling doggy... but I swear... he gets to be more work as time goes by. I can't wait until we have him fixed in September. They *say* that they calm down then. Not sure who *they* are... but I know what they say. Right now... his little winkie pops up and out with enormous frequency and spacial context. And it is requiring a number of wipes a day. How's that for saying it in a dainty fashion??? As Mommy to this monkey faced muppet, the pleasure is all mine, to do the cleaning. Hubby has decided it's not his duty. And the 16 year old son, is equally adamant about not participating in that part of his upbringing.

But tell me... is he worth it? I think so. Most of the time.

I did up a layout about the two of them. (I think they look alike) What do you think?

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Kip said...

He's so darling! My girlfriend has one too, Sasha, and I think they are the cutest dogs.