Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some New Layouts

Am I An Artist?
Today, I'd like to talk about artists, and artistry. I've grown up with artists. Both of my parents were writers, and my Mom was an artist. She was a charcoal artist. I always wished I had been given her talent. I considered her an artist. Me? I've never considered myself an artist. I'm a scrapbooker. A record-keeper, if you will. Are you an artist? Or a Scrapbooker? Do you consider them one and the same? I would love to call myself an artist. I'm a published writer... and I've had my scrapbooking published... but artist? When I design a page, I never have a plan. I just *go with it*. I just play. There are so many people out there that obviously have a plan when they scrap a page. Their work is breathtaking. I'm not there. I do my pages, my altered work, my mini books, etc. But they are just me.. with my toys... playing. Does that make me NOT an artist?
Tell me. What makes you an artist or a scrapbooker? Do you wish you were an artist, but don't consider yourself one? How can you change that? What makes you an artist?

On this track... here are a few of my latest pages...

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Kip said...

I think if you create, you're an artist. There doesn't have to always be a plan there or a blueprint.