Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Displaced and Wandering
I'm Feeling Displaced. Truly. No home. Wandering in the desert. Wandering in the dessert too... but that's a whole other story. I still lurk and yak a bit on 2Peas... and lurking on SIS (Scrap in Style)... but I need a home. I need someplace in this big world wide web of ours... to play. To get to know the people. To be inspired. I want a place to call home.
So.. where do you play? Where are their things to do... contests to play... challenges to be had... and nice people to chat with? Where where where? I'd love some input. Some ideas! Please?

Those Picture! You Know The Ones!
I'm up to date on some pictures... and so far behind on others. The ones I don't get done? Christmas! Birthdays! Vacations! Disney! I have yet to scrap one single picture from a Pilgrimmage I did in 1980. I have great pictures of Israel, Yugoslavia (former), The Vatican, Medjugorje, and Rome!!! Not one of them is scrapped!!! why? I'm feeling the burn right now, to run home and do some... but nope. Nothing as of yet. Why is it that some pictures are harder to scrap for us, than others? What pictures do you find hard to scrap? Which ones are easy? I find the day to day pictures very easy. The ones that represent our every day lives. I love those.

Here is a sketch that I did up this morning for you.


tina werner said...

i don't have a home either sandie... :( although, justcre8.com is a fun spot to hangout. it's based in ontario. she has great kits and an awesome dt.

Kate said...

On line just at Two peas and scrapbook.com