Friday, May 8, 2009


Have You Heard the News? Oh boy...
... I'm very sad.

My Scrapbook Nook
So.. I decided to join a contest at this website. For fun. I haven't been in any contests in awhile, and I usually find them very motivating. Saw it posted on Staci Michaud's blog, and went over. I did this layout, which is a scraplift off of Camilla Ekman's "Way Too Cute" layout.

The Art and Business of Scrapbooking... part II

It's funny... but I got a fair number of responses to yesterday's post. And there were two distinct types of comments. The moderate comments that were empathetic, were posted on my blog. All nice and open. Then there were the ones that were a little bit (um... read a LOT a bit) more emphatic, versus empathetic. They had much more to say... and wanted to do so privately. I get that. I certainly even expected it a bit. But wow. There is a little bit of resentment from some people about the business side of things. They are angry even, that a certain percentage of people seem to *own* the industry. Those were the words of one of the posters, and I'm borrowing them, because they seem to speak for most of them. Most of the posters who emailed me, wished that there was more diversity in the magazines. They also wish that there was more diversity in the design teams. It's the same ole same ole.
I find it interesting that - though this is a very strong feeling out there - that the industry maintains the way they are. It can be argued that they are a business... and those are the best of the best... but there are a lot of great scrappers out there.. equally as good as the ladies who are on several teams... but again... as a society... we create icons. As I said yesterday... we do it to our actors... to our singers... to our authors... etc. And it stands to reason, that we follow the same path in the *business* of scrapbooking!

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Kate said...

I'm very sad about Memory Makers. it was the first magazine to ever publish me. Very sad!

I've known some 'stars' in the scrapbook industry. The thing about 'stars' is people like to build them up, and they LOVE even more to tear them down... Sorry us females can be really, really mean.
make one slip when you are on top forget to thank someone or use something someone thinks is theirs... the CLAWS come out...

I'm MUCH happier just goofing off and sometimes sending stuff in to be considered. I've taken the pressure off myself to dazzle with every layout. This is for my family and to feed my need to create.