Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Today, is my Mom's birthday. So I wish her a beautiful day. I can't wish her in person, because I lost her when I was 24 years old. My very bestest friend. She was such a beautiful lady. Loving, lovely, ladylike, and pure of heart. And I miss her as much today, as I did then. I don't have a lot of pictures of her. Our house burned down, and we lost most of them. But I have a few.

Happy Anniversary to My Husband and I!
... or how to make a sad day, one of hope and love.

May 21st, 1988, I married the man of my dreams.... Gary Roberts! It's been 21 years since we've been happily married. He makes me laugh... he makes me feel safe... and me makes me happy. And he helped me make the greatest love of all.. our son, Dana.

I married Gary, the year after my Mom passed away. I married him on her birthday, so that the day wouldn't be one of sadness and despair. It would be a day of love, laughter, hope. So... here's to wonderful days. What are we doing today? Working, of course. We own an Ad Agency. What else are we doing? We're going to see 17 Again, I think. I just want to see it. It looks sweet. LOL

A New Layout
Here's a layout I did last night. It's of my son. He had a Garage Sale at his school, to help Guatemala or some such thing. And Dana donned this outfit to get people to pull into the sale, and help out. Funny.


Lisa Carroll said...

Happy Anniversary. Sorry about your mom, I am definitely dreading the day I lose my mom. Cute layout too!

Stacey Michaud said...

So sorry for your loss--she was beautiful and seemed like she was a joyful person. I love the layout!

Kate said...

Happy anniversary! Congrats! it's my mom & dad's 54th today! Jim & I just celebrated our 19th on the 19th.

Molly said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :D
I, also, lost my mom when I was 24...that was over 5 years ago, and still miss her as much now as I did then. {{{{HUGS}}}}} to you!
Love the layout!

Rach H said...

Funny picture! Love how you scrapped it!