Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

Tonight.. .it is happening. 10:00 p.m. Advanced showing. Yes, it is true.
Sad... but true.

I am actually headed for the city next door. (they were the only tickets available)... and I am going to watch the advanced screening of NEW MOON!!!! sigh My son wanted to bring his girlfriend, as part of her birthday present. We had to bring them... so hey... why go all that way and go to a coffee shop? Nope. I took complete advantage, and hubby is taking me too. Son said SURE! Let's double date. You guys absolutely MUST ... under any circumstances... sit far away from us. Is there another theatre showing the film?
Um. Yeah. I didn't take offence. Not really. Ok. Maybe a tad. But he is 17. I still think of him, yes, as 7. But he's 17. He's my baby. My little Boo. My Bean. My baby Bean. Normally, I go with my little boy, and have my arm around him for any scary parts. Oh yeah. That was, once again.. 7 year old Dana... Not 17 year old Dana. I get them confused sometimes. Much to his chagrine. I really need to focus. He's almost an adult. Almost. Don't even go there. He is still a child. Plus... he looks like a child. He's mature. He's responsible. But heck.. he's been that way since he WAS 7. So that doesn't help. He's still a child. That's my story, and I am NOT ready to let that go yet.
But I will be there beside him in spirit. I'll have my arm around my 7 year old son tonight, while I enjoy the pure pleasure that is this Twilight series. And I'll also be happily beside my hubby, who has just gotten home from being away for a week... so this is all good. Those of you, who heroically sacrifice your husbands for so much longer, during this war... I pray for you constantly. I can barely comprehend the sacrifices you make. And should you ever need a friend... someone to vent to... I am always available. Sometimes the comfort of a stranger and all...

Have a great day!! Here's a couple pics of hubby in Hawaii. (That's where he was for a week.) For those of you who may not have read this, I did tell him to go with our friends there. My bad leg would not make the journey, unfortunately... but I didn't want him to lose out. He deserves a break. He works hard... and there is, after all... Skype. :) But it was a long week for this baby.

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