Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2nd, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!
November 2nd, 2009! All Souls Day! It's my Birthday. I guess it's a day of reflection, yes? It truly is. I'm a lady in her 40's. I always swore I would wear my age like a banner of truth. But today... a lady in her 40's is feeling like she wants to be a lady in her 30's. LOL My son has an important Catholic Board of Trustees meeting tonight, so I think we'll forgo dinner, since it'll just be a rushed affair. However... It is what it is. He must attend. And at my age, I don't really need to be that diligent about birthdays.

Halloween Pictures!
I had to dress my little Beauregard up. He wore 2 costumes. One was a devil (suited him)... and One was a witch. LOL I didn't get pictures of the suits, but I did get the hats. He looked so cute! And here's a picture of my lovely son Dana, and his girlfriend. They are sitting at his newsdesk at school... and they are (for those of you that don't know) Super Mario... and Princess Peach. (Her last name is Peitch... pronounced Peach... so it's fitting) Cute eh? LOL

A New Sketch

I did up a new sketch for you, if you're interested. if you use it... I'd love to see it! Send me a link, so I can leave you some love! And I'll even link to it here on my blog!


Terri Davenport said...

Happy Birthday!

Lynn said...

happy birthday. very fun photos!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

HAppy, Happy birthday Sandie! Love those Halloween pictures and what a great sketch!

Pamela said...

Great pics and I love your sketch! Happy Birthday!!!

Michelle Lanning said...

Happy, happy day to you!

Love the Super Mario and Princess Peach! And what a wonderful sketch!

kimosabescraps said...

I love your sketch... those star clusters are amazing!!

the pics are so cute!!