Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project 52 Challenge #3

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Top News of the Day?
My husband is home from Hawaii. Ugh. I hate it when we're apart. Does that make me a baby? I just missed him so much.

Project 52!
I've had such a blast over at Bad Girls, playing their Project 52 challenges. I have to tell you... if you enjoy stepping outside of your comfort zone, and just letting your inner artist go... and if you also enjoy watching others create their own magic... wow.. pop over and see what is happening over there. Check out the blog, to see what the Design Team does with the projects. WOW!!!

This project was difficult for me, to say the least. I'm extremely claustrophobic, and it is a paper mache mold of my face. LOL Yikes. I used glue and newspaper, obviously.. and strips of gauze. I used gesso and mod podge and tons of paint. The violet paint is Kaiser, and I wanted it to glow more, so I used Inksentials glossy as well as glass gloss for a shimmer. The gauze drapes at the bottom. I used glimmer sprays in pink, bubblegum and turquoise, with a bit of copper. I used bling and gold sticker. (Covered one eye) There is an old earring in one eye. (red) The other is a flower and snowflake. The face is two sided to represent the two sides of my character. artist... freespirited and funny. The other is my more serious side. The one that deals with some tough life issues. No decor there. But there is always the colour that is me. The two pins on the bottom are antiques. One is a cat.. the other a goofy woman hat pin. I think she might be a stewardess... or a 50's woman in a pill box hat. They represent me as well. I've always felt I belonged in the 50's, and the cat is the first pet I ever had. As a child and as an adult. I chose white leaves for a reason. Two fold, actually. The colour white represents my Mom, who is deceased. She's a big part of who I am. They also represent the cold of northern Ontario where I grew up. (snow) And the pin on the top of the sign is my son as a baby. The sign says Self Portrait of Sandie / Bean's Mom. My one word to describe myself was Mother. And that's the title of my piece. I really enjoyed working on this. Finally, I placed the mask onto a board, painted it black, and added splashes of colour to represent my world. I also had to have a bit of a frame, because I feel like I am kind of a contained character. And there you have it! btw.. the nose got slightly mishapen because as I was working on it, I pressed too hard, and then tried to fix it. But to me.. that too was very representative of me... the very unperfect nature of it. lol thanks for looking.

Fun, exciting news! I've had 5 layouts picked up for publication in Scrapbook News and Review. How cool is that??? I'm excited.


Lisa Dorsey said...

Gorgeous project Sandie!

Chrispea said...

Wow, congrats on the pubs. That's so exciting. Love your face project. Very cool.

kimosabescraps said...

wow, this is very cool... great project!

Lynn said...

oh wow! i'm claustraphobic too so congrats on getting thru it. congrats on your 5 lo's. love your "artistic" side. very cool!