Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th, 2010

2010 It's the ten that messes me up each time. I'm used to that not not... or is it knot knot? double ohhhh? Whatever. Slipping that one inside my oohs... is just diffult to these hands, and each and every single solitairy time that I type it.... or write it... Yep... I have to backspace or erase. sigh. I'm just saying.....

Did anyone who watched the Women's Figure Skating last night NOT cry when Joannie Rochette skated? To remind some of you who aren't Canadian... she is the young woman who's Mom flew into Vancouver Sunday night, and died over night. Joannie decided to skate, in honour of her Mom. Wow. I was 24 (her age), when I lost my Mom... so I speak from keen experience. I can honestly say that I have absolutely no idea how that girl did it. No idea. To focus through the devastation to do that? And do it that well? Wow. I'm in awe.

Who didn't feel the massive heartbreak of that Dutch speedskater... Sven Kramer... who's coach told him to go into the wrong lane... he won... and was disqualified? oh boy.

Extended Family
Our little family is small. That's what happens when you can only have one child. But we've always tried to fill our house with extended members..... of the furry kind. Here are a couple pix of Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need... along with Disney the Dismal feline... and Jaguar-his-name-says-it-all- the cat who can.

When Beauregard and I stay home from work, he goes insane when he finally sees Gary. Acts like he's been deserted in a pit for days. Jumps up onto the chair with Gary, and plants himself squished in there, holding onto his leg. It's a truly pitiful site.

Now... that doesn't say, he doesn't enjoy a good snuggle with Mommy. Here he is planting himself a fair bit in there, between me and the couch. He likes a full body snuggle. You could call him a snuggle Puggle!

And then there were the cats!!! Cats are beautiful creatures! I've always thought so. They are so self absorbed, and yet we give them that absorbtion, and feed it even. And somehow that seems to be ok with us. If a human was like that, we'd be complaining for sure... but coming from a cat? It seems fair and even right! Why is that? Here are my Disney and Jaguar. (Jag is the orange) Disney is a fair bloke. Right, good, kind, and skittish as all get out. Jaguar is a full on no holds barred kind a guy. He is full of bravado and oomph. He drives Disney crazy. That's fitting, since Beauregard drives Jag crazy.


Nat said...

totally know what you mean with teh 10 - it is awful. I type and write it wrong every day- LOL. Love your extended family too cute!

Linda said...

I'm still having trouble writing 2010 as well. Oh well, by 2011, I will probably get used to it, lol. Love all your fur babies - too cute!