Monday, February 1, 2010

February1, 2010

It's February 1st!!!

Can you believe that it's February? Next month SPRING is here!!!! I know... it's towards the END of next month, and this month has just breathed it's first breath... but hey... you gotta be positive. And with this cold, wintery blast of ugly air outside.... this is the positive piece of being February 1st, that I can find. :)

A New Challenge! Aren't You Curious?It's Challenge day at the Scrap Tiffany blog again! I had fun with this week's. Come and check it out. Sometimes, when we are in the midst of scrapping this child, or that child... our daily activities.. Christmas... various holidays... and a bazillion other things... we lose sight of ourselves. So come on over HERE, and check out the fun challenge on the board for this week! Here is my take on the challenge:

The REST of the Story!
Not included on this page, is the reason that I have almost no pictures of myself as a baby or a child. My house burned down when I was young, and we lost all of it. What pictures we do have, we got from family and friends. But back then, they didn't have a lot of us. And me? I was the fifth child, so there weren't a lot of pics of me to start with.

The Critical Blast...
I saw "Edge of Darkness", Mel Gibson's movie. OMG VERY very dark movie. And it was very long-winded. (aka boring and too dry in parts). It was also VERY graphic with the violence. I could take the darkness of the movie... I understood the premise.. But seriously... the violence felt gratuitous. It seemed like they were looking to shock. And let me tell you... they did. It ended well though. I like a good ending. If a movie has a lousy ending, I'm bummed or bugged all day. That didn't happen, thankfully. There you have it... the one good thing about this movie... in my humble opinion.


Pamela said...

Beautiful layout!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Love that layout. We have very few pictures of me as a child also but with no excuse and I was the oldest. LOL Maybe that is why I take SO many of my girls! :)

Glad to hear your take on the movie. Love Mel but wasn't really thinking I would see this one and now I know for sure. Can't do the violence thing anymore.

Casey Wright said...

Love this LO! Thanks for the review on the movie - I tend to steer clear of the violent types of movies... :)

Leah Crowe said...

aww it is so good to catch up with you again Sandie! How've you been? LOVE the layout of you in this post. Thanks so much for stopping by, your words and warmth meant a lot to me. I'm late for making dinner, so I have to run. Cheers & {{hugs}}