Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Morning! I've gotten caught up (once again) in these Olympics. What a good time. I am SO going to miss watching them, when they are over. As soon as the games are 1/4 over, I am lamenting their loss. I think that just about describes me to a tee. LOL

It's Time for Challenge #8!

HEY!! Check out ScrapTiffany's for Challenge #8! Here is my take on it. There are some wonderful examples... so you must go and check them out... and then participate!!! I promise you... this is one that you will love. And you may not be able to guess the challenge by mine... so be sure and have a look!

Not even close.

I'm not even close to having finished scrapbooking my son's young childhood. Forget the most recent photos... I don't know how to scrap many of them. I think I've just taken too many pictures. Anybody else feel the same? What do you do with the pictures that you don't scrap? When I was taking pictures with my non digital SLR (Nikon FM2)... I had rolls of 24! Now... having gone digital... come on. I can take upwards of 100 or more photos. Obviously I am not going to scrap all of those!!! So instead... You have to choose those pictures that represent what you are trying to showcase. Is it a birthday? What about pictures of those who attended. Perhaps a group shot? Blowing out the candles? A picture of the birthday boy/girl showing the emotions of the day? Pic of Mom and Dad with junior? Whew... you can see where it gets hard to know where to cut things off. When I want to include many pictures... I'll either make a mini book, or a double pager... or I'll print a number of pictures in smaller sizes. They don't all have to be 5x 7's!!!

Don't bother saving my place!

Another thing you may want to consider? Don't feel as if you have to go in order! You can! If that's how you like to do things. But scrapbooking is as individual as the people who play it! It's an artform. Art is subjective. It's all about finding your thing, and running with it. You can learn the basics.. some ideas... some techniques... but then you have to jump into the ring and create. You want to do it your way. I don't scrap in order. What I do recommend is that you organize your photos. Especially in this digi age. With thousands of pictures, you need to take good notes if you aren't scrapping them right away. Otherwise you'll forget what you are doing! You'll forget what the pictures are saying. The inside story! You may even forget the outside story. I didn't scrap when my son was a baby... so I didn't write down the stories. Now.. when I go and scrap them, I find it hard to remember everything. Sometimes I get the year wrong. sheesh. It can happen. You don't think it will! You assume you'll remember these moments forever. Doesn't always work that way!

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Pamela said...

Great layout and great advice! I totally second that you shouldn't feel like you have to scrap in order...I remember how freeing it was when I actually let go of that notion. :)