Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009

I'm back at work. Summer hours mean that Fridays are half days. I'm happy about that. I'd like to have a day off. Alas... that's not going to happen.

ScrapRoom Organization

I need to organize my scrap room and scrap supplies. I have a number of things that I use to do so. They weren't necessarily made for scrap supplies, but they work just the same. For example:

Peg Board.................... I have it hanging on my wall, and inside my cupboard door. I hang all kinds of things on it. Scissors, packs of things, round tapes, ribbon rings. etc.

Rings..................... These aren't just for book binding. I hang my ribbon on these. They work great, and the ribbon isn't all twisted or bent and folded. It hangs straight down from the top of my peg board.
Lazy Susan.............. I love my lazy susan. I have a ton of stuff in it. There is space for packages of chipboard, words, other fun things. Scissors, pens, markers, cutting tools... you name it.

Cleaning basket...... These have different sections for cleaners, sponges, etc. With a handle to carry it. Inside, I have frames in one section... chipboard in another... and tape and glue runner in yet another.

Magazine holder....... This holds 12 x 12 anything. So I have two of them. One holds layout that I'm working on, along with newsletters and instruction sheets that I'm working with. One holds patterned paper.

Sorters.......... These you find in any office. They are metal or heavy plastic, and sit on a desk. Used to sort. I have various file folders filled with different things. One carries my packages of letters.. One is chipboard... one is thickers... one stickers... one rubons. Etc.

Various plastic drawers...... You know the ones. They come in various sizes. Some stand on the floor... and some tinier ones stand on your desk. I have both. They are filled with whatever. They need to be redone.
Jars and Glass Candy Bins...... Filled with buttons, twine, ribbon etc.

Line and wall hangers......... I have things hanging on my walls. And pinned up on line. Again.. I need to redo these.

Plastic sorting boxes......... Various small dodads are in there. Some are sorted by colour. Some have various things in it... ie blling. Some have letters sorted... AB CD E FG H I JK etc.

Tiny tool box drawers...... These are all over my desk, filled to the brim with my dodads. Chipboard words, letters, eyelets, brads, you name it.

So... what do YOU use in your scraproom. If you have pictures, that would be great too. Just send me a url, and I'll go and take a look.

It's time to sandblast my scraproom. In fact... it's long past that time. Short of having some of you come over and help me in person.... any brilliant or even not-so-brilliant ideas??? Pretty Please???

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Lynn said...

wow. good luck w/that. i'm still trying to get my satchels up on the bookcase. lol~~~ can't wait to see the finished project.