Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009

MOM! How Could You Let That Happen?!?!

My husband dressed himselfAdd Image today. I was downstairs when it happened. I didn't pay attention. We dropped our son off at work, and hubby got out to grab us a coffee at Tim Hortons. When he did, I was still not paying attention... until our 16 year old son exclaimed... MOM! How Could You Let That Happen?!?! What? I scrambled for an explanation. LOOK AT HIM! He's one big horrific clash!!! Ugh. And then I saw it. My beautiful honey. The man I adore. LOLOL Of course... he doesn't bare the brunt of this fashion disaster. Oh no. That falls squarely upon my wifely shoulders. And I knew it. And by now... it's too late. It is what it is, and we're out the door. We can't return to the closet now. My man is showcasing his fashion sense for the world to see... and it's screaming... MY WIFE DRESSED ME, AND LOOK AT THE MESS SHE MADE. And it is what it is.

How did this become the woman's responsibility? After all, I taught my son how to dress. How am I equally responsible for my man's??? Ugh. But it doesn't matter. I would have to physically follow behind him all day long saying... "He dressed himself" "He dressed himself."

The Milk Commercial

Do they do milk commercials with dogs? I had some cerial, and there was milk left over... and Beauregard helped himself, of course... before I could remove it. Thankfully it was skim milk. He tried to pretend complete innocence, of course. But I figured it out. I have a sixth sense about some things...


Pamela said... the fun pics today!

Stacey Michaud said...

HaHa! Love that---that is a scrapbooking page waiting to happen!