Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13th, 2010

Work Day.
Do I really need to say more on that?


I've been creating in all of my spare time lately. Trying different methods, and different ways of going about things. I've mostly been adding photos to my pages. Instead of the usual small pics, or one main pic, I'm going with two, three, four, or more. Shaking things up a bit. I find them more challenging. Any ideas on where to go to gain insight and inspiration in multi photo layouts? Where do you go for inspiration, online? I love to hear about where others find their inspiration. I find the most interesting and helpful places when people take the time to tell you about their faves. Here are two layouts that I did. I'm way behind on birthday layouts. For some reason, I put them off. I think it's because I take a gazillion photos, and don't want to leave any out of my layouts. So 27 layouts later... the birthday is scrapped. LOL So the obvious solution is mini albums... so I put them off. :) :)

Late Night Drama
So do you watch Leno or Conan's Tonight Show? I watch Leno sometimes. I used to watch Conan... but don't since he started "The Tonight Show". I love Leno's monologue and things like streetwalking and Headlines. Funny stuff. But I don't watch it when it's on earlier. I rarely watch the interviews. Not my thing.


Me........... said...

ooh lovely layout sandi, very pretty!!!!

Dora said...

these are darling! I love the details.