Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 27, 2010

January 27th, 2010... Another Day
Yummy. Another day... another dollar. Actually... work has been going well lately. New business, a pick up of new work, and future work... and all in all... it's good. That suits my whole "look on the positive side of life" thing I've got going lately. Quite frankly... I see what the point is, in being positive... but I find that I am much more entertaining when I am mopey, grumpy, and put upon. Maybe my authentic self IS truly all of these things, AND self-depracating, lost, sarcastic, and somewhat put upon. Maybe looking up, means accepting these things about my self, and embracing it. ??? I'm just saying!

I did a layout for a contest (Crate paper)... of Beau and I. I can't put it here, obviously... but I will soon. Beauregard is such a joy. That dog makes me feel good. He's so sweet. I taught him to sit upon a snap, and then tell me he loves me with a kiss. I say *How do you do, Beauregard?* and he shakes my hand... and then I say "Tell Mommy I love you"! and he kisses me... smack dab on the mouth... just like that.

Ok.. so some people don't appreciate the wet kiss of a pooch. I get that. I mean... that tongue is loofa sponge and toilet paper all in one... but I can't help it. I choose to think that things get clean in there, and when it comes my way... it is germ free. Please don't try to convince me otherwise. Oops. I swear, I left that sarcastic me at the door... who let her back in?

Scrap Tiffany reveal and challenge.

Have you checked out Scrap Tiffany yet? Head HERE immediately, and check out the challenge for this week. I did a layout on my Mom and me. I'm the one young one (years ago)... That suit I'm wearing was the one I'd gone out and bought to wear to my Mom's funeral. I thought she'd like it. I was the grand age of 24. I felt like my world was done. Grief is like that. It robs you of hope sometimes. It robs you of someone you love... always. You are sure you won't be able to keep going. The world.. funny enough... has no such problems. It's insulting. How dare they? How dare the world? Don't they know that someone lovely and wonderful and beyond reproach has just passed away? Don't they know that the sun isn't shining nearly as bright? How could they not? That's grief too... it can rob you of common sense. Have you been touched by grief? Come on over HERE and see for yourself.


betsy (pharmgirl) said...

oh Sandie - you're words ring true to so many . . .

Casey Wright said...

Love this! I'll go check out the challenge now - thanks for stopping by the blog!