Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 21, 2010

Stop Changing!!!

Life gets away from you. You become what you do on a daily basis. When you get into a rut, then you become that person who is in a rut. So I've been thinking of things to do to shake up my life. I've been wondering what I can do to re-create the real Sandie. What do you do when the daily grind affects the authentic you? How do you pull out of it? Or how do you prevent it from happening in the first place? I'm a creature of habit. I just love sameness. Some people crave excitement. Me? I crave sameness. lol. I love coming home to my favourite spot on the couch, with my husband in his easy boy to my right, and our son roaming around the house looking for food, and playing his music a bit too loud while doing his homework. That sense of sameness gives me a sense of security and safeness. I wonder what it is that does that? I wonder why some of us need one thing, while that would be deadly dull to others. I guess thats why I've been with my hubby for 29 years. OMG 29 years! I'm barely old enough to consider this. What was I when we met? 5? Sheesh. ok... so I'm 47. Wow. See... you can't enjoy a sense of sameness where age is concerned, because it's always changing. I should stop that... before I get any older. Of course.. what's the alternative? Might be better to embrace that change.
Layouts of Change

Here are 2 layouts that I did... A Distant World is me last winter, in Panama. The second one.. In Transition... is me when I was 24.. so 23 years ago. I just did both of these, and I enjoy seeing the me half a life ago.. and the me now. It's interesting to me to see the change that has occured in me. Wow
I'm going to start doing some layout sketches again for this blog. Stay tuned.
Have an AWESOME day!

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