Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

Home from work today. That never means laying around and watching tv. Nope. It means stripping beds, walking Beauregard, cleaning house, fixing things that are currently askew... etc. Hmm. I shoulda gone into work. :(

A Christmas Layout

Did up some layouts last night. Here's one I did about Christmas morning this year. I suck at Christmas layouts, and so I have almost none done. And I mean almost none. I think I have about 5 done. For all the pics of all the years. Any ideas on how to overcome that block? I'd love some advice... or links to creative
Christmas layout ideas. I have 2Peas, of course. But I'd love somewhere else as well. Somewhere that offered tons of ideas on scrapping Christmas! Come on. Surely someone has an idea or two for me? This layout is called Santa was Here. It's just of my 17 year old son opening his stocking stuff. He gets to plow through stocking stuffers before going to Church. It's the same every year. After opening our stockings, we go to Mass... then come home and sit at the table while I cook a breakfast, and we sit as a family and remember what the day is about. Then, we bring our drinks (coffee, OJ, whatever) to the tree, and open our gifts one at a time. :D Fun! I'm already looking forward to next Christmas. LOL

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ellen s. said...

love the rich colors! what a great way to start off the new year!