Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

Scrapfest is FINALLY HERE!!!!!
... Well... Tomorrow!

And I get to go and play, play, play! I bought my ticket for the crop, last month, and I'm meeting up with my friend, and we're going to have ourselves some fun!!! Yes, we are! Imagine the good times! A large room... 3 feet, of a 6 foot table... just to yourself. Cropping from 8:30am until midnight on Friday... and then again ALL DAY on Saturday. Don't forget VIP shopping and make-and-takes on Friday... and shopping again... ALL DAY on Saturday. sigh. It's gonna be some kind of fun. Truly!!!!!! Yay
I've been scrapping lately. Here are a few of my *things*...
Layout #1 is my cats... Disney and Jaguar! Layout #2 is of my son in Panama. It's based on the song "Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon. (Love that song). When I say Beautiful Beautiful boy... I mean to say it twice for inside and out.

The Cards are just thrown together out of scraps. I'm getting more and more into cards lately. I have to start giving some away!!! lol

Have a GREAT day!

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ellen s. said...

ooooh! i love love each one of these!