Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 19, 2010

Scrapfest Baby!!!
I am sooooooooooooooooo tired. Scrapfest is over now... and I am sitting in my livingroom, not yet out of my pjs. I'm just saying. How does a person get this tired by scrapbooking??? Oh yeah. She gets this way... not by scrapbooking..... but by that other past-time that takes place at Scrapfest! SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! whew. And I am tired! They handed out a form to the croppers to describe the Scrapfest Crop in ONE WORD. My word? Shoppalizing, I think, was my word. It was like this:

1. Friday, 9am..... Drag several pieces of assorted crapola through the Aud, and make my way thru registration, fill out ballots, find my friends, then an elevator... downstairs, fill out another ballot, and make my way to my table.

2. 9:15am..... Begin unpacking assorted crapola, until I am completely overcrowded, and overrun in said assorted crapola.

3. 9:30am..... Continue chatting, and not even touch the assorted crapola that is sitting on the table and floor surrounding you.

4. 11:30am.... Begin to scrapbook.... cuz you ARE at a crop... so why not????

5. 12:30pm.... Someone mentions the time, and the fact that THE MARKETPLACE IS NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. 12:31pm.... You kick, shove, push, pull, and bully your way into the marketplace.

7. 12:32pm.... Ahhhhhhhhh. Home away from home. Life is good. It's a potpourri of OTHER people selling assorted crapola that you just gotta have!

8. 1:30pm.... Yeah... you didn't think there'd be anything new THIS early, did you?

9. 2:30pm... Yeah... I discovered in this time period... the amazing ladies of Scrapbook Cards Today... over in the corner... with several different make-and-takes. When I told my hubby about them, he forgets what they are called... and always asks..."Did you do any shake and bakes?" Uh huh... anyway... I spent a fair bit of time with them over the weekend. I learned some awesome things. For example.. I did an awesome Make and Take *Flower*. FANTASTIC! Karen Ellis from The Art House Studio (Go Scrapping) taught it... and wow. I'll use this A LOT!!!!!

10. The rest of the day was spent much as the beginning part!

Saturday 9:20am... repeat as Friday.

Anyway... you get the picture. Loads of shopping... Loads of cropping. Loads of talking. That's what these things are all about. And today? Monday? I started this post on Sunday... but was too tired to finish it. Does that tell you anything? How does a person get so tired by sitting around??? :)

I actually DID get something done, while cropping (in between shopping and talking). Here are my layouts!

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betsy (pharmgirl) said...

love the rundown of your great time - and wonderful layouts! I never get anything done at crops!